This is the 9th Annual International Fencing Event In Canada. Top epeeists from all around the world to compete against Canada’s best this December

Vancouver is honoured to host one of five annual Fencing World Cups on the international fencing stage. The 2022 Vancouver Fencing World Cup is the first competition of its kind to include both women’s and men’s events. This project is made possible in part by the Government of Canada.

The Vancouver Fencing World Cup, presented by University Canada West, will bring over 400 top-ranked international athletes from across five continents to compete at the Vancouver Convention Centre between December 8th and 11th, 2022. The visiting athletes will also take on Canada’s own premier competitors in epee fencing.

Vancouver continues to prove itself to be a vibrant and exciting city, playing its deserved role in sports and hosting the world’s best. For local athletes, the Vancouver World Cup has been instrumental in developing fencing style, skills and motivation. “I can definitely say the World Cup is one of the inspiring factors for our kids, because they see these world stars competing,” said Igor Gantsevich, High-Performance Director of the Canadian Fencing Federation.

Vancouverite fencers motivated by past Vancouver international tournaments will be competing this year including, senior and junior national team members: Alexanne Verret, Janet Chen, Samuel Gallagher Pelletier, Dylan French, Nicholas Zhang, Fynn Fafard. (Athlete pictures and bios are available on request.)

Dynamo Fencing Club, based out of Richmond and North Vancouver, is the host club for the World Cup. Dynamo is home to many national team members, including the entire senior men’s epee team. The World Cup is made possible by the British Columbia Fencing Association and the Canadian Fencing Federation. This project was funded in part by a grant from viaSport BC and the Province of British Columbia.

Fencing fans, sports enthusiasts and excitement seekers will be welcome to attend the event. Tickets will be available at the event, as well as online here.

The full schedule of events and additional information for the Vancouver Fencing World Cup will be released soon.

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Vancouver to Host 2022 Fencing World Cup